appletree on Catalyst 5.80029

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Welcome to the world of Catalyst. This MVC framework will make web development something you had never expected it to be: Fun, rewarding, and quick.

What to do now?

That really depends on what you want to do. We do, however, provide you with a few starting points.

If you want to jump right into web development with Catalyst you might want to start with a tutorial.

perldoc Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial

Afterwards you can go on to check out a more complete look at our features.

perldoc Catalyst::Manual::Intro

What to do next?

Next it's time to write an actual application. Use the helper scripts to generate controllers, models, and views; they can save you a lot of work.

script/ --help

Also, be sure to check out the vast and growing collection of plugins for Catalyst on CPAN; you are likely to find what you need there.

Need help?

Catalyst has a very active community. Here are the main places to get in touch with us.

In conclusion

The Catalyst team hopes you will enjoy using Catalyst as much as we enjoyed making it. Please contact us if you have ideas for improvement or other feedback.